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January 26, 2010


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You ARE a mother, you just don't have your baby yet. You have all the love in your heart, and all the devotion needed. Your baby just has yet to say SURPRISE! I'm HEEERE!! He or she is coming, just stay strong and positive.


You're in my prayers every day. :)


Julie I just saw this post and have tears in my eyes. I know where you are and have been emotionally and you saying you were in the darkest time of your life really hurts because I know exactly what you mean. I'm praying daily for you guys. I know at times like that there is really nothing someone can say to "fix" it so I'll just say you're a wonderful woman and God's got special things in store for you!


Love your heart Julie. What an amazing woman you are. I know that the Lord is in the middle of all of this, molding, teaching, and loving you through every bit of it. Praying that God gives you all his hope and faith one day at a time. How encouraging it is to hear what surrendering to Him brings. Thanks for sharing your heart :)

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